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Are you ready to join us in unleashing our collective strengths through the regenerative power of food? Each of our members commits to (1) our shared vision, (2) our core principles, and (3) specific personal action with measurable results.

"Another World Is Possible" - Ricardo Levins


Unleashing our collective strengths through the regenerative power of food, we advance equitable, flourishing food systems where we: 

  • Nourish every body with healthy, satisfying food - enriching our soils and souls, while eliminating waste. 

  • Support food producers from farmers to pollinators, from front yards to regional farms. 

  • Support a robust network of entrepreneurs that advance access to healthy, nutritional, and culturally significant food.

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We believe in the power of an inclusive, community-driven, regenerative development process, starting with the planning of a healthy food system and rippling out. We know that such large-scale transformation depends on transformation within each of us. 

We adopt the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing, established by the environmental justice movement.

We embrace the principles and practices of living systems, established by Mother Earth.  

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Action & Impact

As members of the collective, we each commit to specific actions with measurable results - making a difference, doing what we love. 

  • Do you love cooking?

  • Do you love eating?

  • Do you love growing food?

  • Do you love distributing food to others?

  • Do you love nourishing our soil and fighting climate change?

Whatever your food-related desires and talents, we welcome your committed action! Check out our Volunteer App & newsletter, or share your own ideas & initatives.

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"I am just someone who likes cooking, and for whom sharing food is a form of expression."

Maya Angelou

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